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About ART

   If you point at an apple and announce to the world it is an apple, you shouldn’t expect a wide audience being interested in your words. So to describe ideas that my works are bearing, I’ll try to come up with some artificially complicated explanations to drive your attention. Through those fun, bright and positive characters I have an aim to reveal anything but childish feelings and situations. Anyone could find their own reflection in my works, different people will understand a story differently and any opinion will be true. Despite the different subjects of the works, they are all done in the same style and have at least one thing in common - adult childhood. There are no random things in there, no lost lines, needless objects, everything you see in a work has its secret meaning which can only be unpuzzled by a viewer. The works are done in bright shades and are always intense and colourful, which helps viewers dive into this made up and arabesque world of my characters. They each play their own role: some choose, some are uncertain, others are having fun or are in love and even though they are not real people, but every single one of them has their own story, their own role in their own universe. We, real people, are just left observing them from a side.
The stories which are seen in my works are inspired by real life, by everything that surrounds me, so I love observing the world in its smallest detail and transform what I see through my own vision.
When I work on my paintings I use various materials, such as oil paint, watercolour, coloured pencils, pastels, markers, ink, as well as experimenting and looking for my own ways to entice viewers.


About Artist

Dobrovolska Olya was born on December 30, 1991 in Belarus. At a young age she moved to Ukraine, where she became interested in drawing. In 2009 she graduated from art school and in 2010 she entered the Ukrainian Academy of Printing in Lviv (Ukraine), graduating in graphic art and illustration. Recently Olya moved to live in London, where she continues her career as an artist. During the years of her work, Olya’s illustrations were used to decorate a children’s fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson which was published. Also, the artist’s paintings took part in private and group exhibitions. Olya also teaches drawing for children, portraiture and art imprints of interiors.